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I love it. Those little leg kicks that Sweetie Belle does when she's struggling are just perfect. They're so loony toons.

There's something really authentic and personal about your animation style. I find it amazing how you give your characters as much emotion as they have while using such thick lines. Like 'Dimensional Flakes', this is very much about a character being taken for a ride and in the same way, the characters just carry on with what they were doing when it all ends. It's kind of funny that way.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks! I like the idea of going through a surreal 'messed up/distorted' version of the world and being forced to find a way to revert it. Maybe that could end up being a common 'theme', although I hope to try some different kind of progression in next animations.

Y'see, this is exactly why I only eat cereal with free air inside. A very bizarre turn indeed. I like it.

Butzbo responds:

Thank you Zoom, it's great when people find those little things that aren't as noticeable:
Glad you liked it, and, of course, 'Around The Library' was an awesome track I really wanted to work with! ;)

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1380 first time on master. Well, what's there to say? This is a good tool for testing your fretboard knowledge. Thanks for making it.

I quite liked this. I really liked the idea of collecting music to open a door instead of the typical key/cardkey thing. The graphics were really nice. I will say it felt like some parts were begging for an epic or startling moment for example when you collect the record from that dragon thing, I was expecting it to come at me or move or something but no it just sits there. It was an interesting game but it still could've been better.

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Please do the following things for me:

1. Get rid of the stupid 'suh dude' voice clip.
2. Adjust the EQ on the snare because it sounds incredibly dull compared to the kick.
3. Adjust the compression on the guitars because it has a lot of pumping to it, possibly because it's being sidechained with the kick as the source.
4. If you feel like all you are is a joke anymore then right some real lyrics and make me feel your pain.
5. Develop this into a proper song because it has potential but is currently just coming across as a stupid joke and it's not funny. The build up is decent and the riffs are cool. Don't waste them!

Lublub194 responds:

I can't take the rest of your review serious as you said to remove the best part and only reason for this entire post.

This is not serious. This is a joke. Nothing more.

Badass, man. The shredding was top notch and expertly played. The harmonised sections in particular were fantastic. Are you familiar with guitarist Andy James, because I detect a lot of similarities in style? As for the mix, I would have to agree, a little eh. Could do with a bit more punch and was a little heavy on the reverb for my taste but hey that's old dug up songs for you.

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks for the review dude! And ya you can listen to my more recent mixes lol they have a little more how you say?????? Balls lol. And as far as reverb goes I don't know what you're talking about lol On the lead guitars there's a touch of delay and then for the intro melody there is a saw tooth type synth in the background if that's what you're talking about? Then ya it could use less of that lol. Thanks again for the review dude! \m/

Y'know, it sounds quite nice. It's rhythms and tonality are appealing but it lacks anything that would actually make me want to listen to it for enjoyment. It's more like a backing track or accompaniment than an actual song. It has very little in the way of hooks or melody and what ones it does have are boring and safe. Case and point, I can't remember the melodies at all. Keep at it though, I would like to hear it expanded on and developed.

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How long until he launches into space?


Butzbo responds:

Hahah, almost there!
That' would make a pretty cool scene, flying through space in your average office chair.

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